Balmedie – Beaches, Bombs… and Donald Trump

Balmedie is a growing Aberdeenshire village in eastern Scotland, famed for its golden brown beach with dunes that stretch for miles along the UK coast. With a population of just 2,534 – a large proportion of whom are retirees over the age of 45, you may think that Balmedie isn’t a whole lot different from many of the other pretty

Polglass / Chris Downer / Achiltibuie: the post office

Exploring the Wild Beauty of Scotland’s West Coast: Achiltibuie and Polglass

Nestled on the rugged west coast of Scotland, the twin villages of Achiltibuie and Polglass offer visitors a unique and authentic taste of Highland life. Surrounded by stunning natural beauty, these villages are a world away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Whether you’re looking for outdoor adventure, scenic drives, or simply a peaceful retreat, Achiltibuie and Polglass


Cycling the West Coast of the United Kingdom

John O’ Groats to Land’s End is a route that takes adventures from the very top of mainland Scotland to the bottom of England, hugging the scenic West Coast along the way. There’s no official route for this iconic journey. Instead, travelers by bike, car, or even foot can construct their own adventure based on their travel desires. The fastest

Boddam Lighthouse,

Boddam – The little Scottish village with a 6000-year-old secret

A quiet village that sits on the chilly side of the UK coast, Boddam is mainly known as one of northeast Scotland’s commuter settlements for nearby Peterhead and Aberdeen. But, with its traditional stone-built cottages, 200-year-old lighthouse, and nearby ancient remnants from a time when primitive farming tools were considered cutting-edge tech, Boddam is a place with its own story

Sandy beaches, Hebrides

Visit The Outer Hebrides

The Outer Hebrides are some of the most remote areas of the United Kingdom. The islands offer tranquility, beautiful scenery and unforgettable beaches. Also, for adventure travelers you can hike and cycle the famous Hebridean Way and explore some of Scotland’s best by means of slow travel. It’s no wonder that Britain’s islands are calling to travelers from around the

Banff. Scotland

Banff – Where Scottish Kings Clashed with Viking Raiders

A Scottish coastal town sitting at the tip-top of the UK coast, Banff is renowned for its clean sandy beaches, centuries-old architecture, and deep historic Aberdeenshire roots dating back to when barbarians roamed the British Isles. A town dripping in history and tradition, Banff is where you can learn about and appreciate some of the events that helped shape northeast


The Isle of Skye – Scotland’s Crown Jewel

Over time, Skye has had different historic influences. It was first occupied by Gaelic speakers from Ireland during the prehistoric era. Then it was ruled by Norsemen from 9-12th centuries. Once it was controlled by Scotland, the MacLeod clan occupied Dunvegan Castle as their primary seat on Skye. Culture on Skye primarily comes from fishing and crofting communities who suffered

Isle of Coll

Isle of Coll – Scotland’s Dark Sky Location

Coll is one of Scotland’s smaller inhabited islands with less than 200 residents, only thirteen miles long and a maximum of three miles across. It’s an unspoiled island with plenty of rugged coastline and sandy beaches waiting to be explored. If you’re taking an island-hopping trip around the Hebrides, it’s not one to be missed. One of the best attractions

Isle of Arran

Scotland’s Isle of Arran – Incredible Culture, and Sprawling Sandy Beaches

Arran is another of Scotland’s beautiful West Coast islands. It’s one of the larger islands, stretching 20 miles and sitting at an average of 9 miles wide. While you can take a day trip to Arran and there’s a regular ferry service, it’s better to take at least a couple of days to truly enjoy the entire island. If you’re


Touring Orkney, Northern Scottish Islands Rich with History

Orkney is an archipelago of islands sitting just north of the Scottish mainland. Despite being so close to Scotland, they are steeped in their own culture and history. There are Viking ruins dating back centuries, and they’ve even been under Norwegian rule before. The islands were instrumental during both World Wars, and their waters still contain the evidence. The coastline

remote island Foula

Exploring Britain’s Most Northerly Place – The Shetland Islands

Despite being part of the UK, when arriving in Shetland, you’re instantly reminded that the island’s history is rooted in Norse culture. The capital town Lerwick lies closer to Bergen, Norway than it does to Edinburgh. There are Viking influences all over the islands, from the place names to the festivals. The whole of Shetland has been designated a UNESCO


The 10 Most Amazing Coastal Walks in Scotland

With a vast expanse of incredible coastal scenery that includes spectacular cliff formations, mountains and sandy bays, the 10 walks listed in this article arguably pass some of the most amazing Scottish coastal landscapes. Although these 10 walks provide some rather spectacular views, they are by no means the limit as to what Scotland has to offer – many other

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