Clovelly – A unique, pretty location that everyone should visit at least once

Clovelly is about 20 miles from Barnstable on the Hartland Devon Heritage Coast, which is one of the prettiest areas of the North Devon coast.  Clovelly is situated on a 122 metre cliff. The thoroughfare to the harbour at Clovelly is foot traffic only; it’s a narrow, very steep, stepped in places meandering mostly cobbled path, with occasional handrails, not …

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Normans Bay – A tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle

Normans Bay is on the East Sussex Coastline between Eastbourne and Bexhill and centrally located between the two large seaside towns. Normans Bay is a small settlement of houses that spread along the sandy shore.  There is a campsite there that drastically increases the number of people in the summer months.  What makes the area special is the tranquillity that …

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