Boddam Lighthouse,Scotland

Boddam – The little Scottish village with a 6000-year-old secret

A quiet village that sits on the chilly side of the UK coast, Boddam is mainly known as one of northeast Scotland’s commuter settlements for nearby Peterhead and Aberdeen. But, with its traditional stone-built cottages, 200-year-old lighthouse, and nearby ancient remnants from a time when primitive farming tools were considered cutting-edge tech, Boddam is a place with its own story …

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Banff. ScotlandScotland

Banff – Where Scottish Kings Clashed with Viking Raiders

A Scottish coastal town sitting at the tip-top of the UK coast, Banff is renowned for its clean sandy beaches, centuries-old architecture, and deep historic Aberdeenshire roots dating back to when barbarians roamed the British Isles. A town dripping in history and tradition, Banff is where you can learn about and appreciate some of the events that helped shape northeast …

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