Brighton, The Seven Sisters and 1066 Country – The East Sussex Coastline

Brighton, Eastbourne and Hastings This section of south England coastline stretches from Brighton through to the seaside village of Camber. It includes seaside resorts such as Brighton, Eastbourne and Hastings, as well as the iconic sections of the British coastline, including the Seven Sisters Cliffs and historical ‘1066 Country’. This coastline borders the English Channel, and is very popular with …

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Swansea bay, Gower, WalesBlog

Tranquil Beaches, Rugged Cliffs and Vast Bays – Swansea, The Gower and Carmarthenshire

This article covers a stretch of coastline in South Wales, starting at the River Neath just to the east of the port town of Swansea, and carrying on around the Gower peninsula and Carmarthenshire coastline to Telpyn Beach. This is a rather beautiful stretch of coastline, with some quite wild sections in places. The large port town of Swansea sits …

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