Anderby Creek small holiday village in Lincolnshire,England

Top Ten Incredible Beaches in Lincolnshire

When people in the UK think of golden beaches they tend to think of the sunny south coast. But Lincolnshire has a lot to offer people too, from beautiful natural coastlines to traditional seaside resorts, there is something for everyone. Several beaches in Lincolnshire were awarded Blue Flag status in 2019, recognised publicly for their high-quality sands, excellent facilities, cleanliness, …

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Touring Orkney, Northern Scottish Islands Rich with History

Orkney is an archipelago of islands sitting just north of the Scottish mainland. Despite being so close to Scotland, they are steeped in their own culture and history. There are Viking ruins dating back centuries, and they’ve even been under Norwegian rule before. The islands were instrumental during both World Wars, and their waters still contain the evidence. The coastline …

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Grimsby Fishing Heritage CentreEngland

Grimsby’s 5 Best Attractions

Grimsby was the world’s largest fishing port in the 1950s. This occurred following more than a century of continuous expansion, leaving the town’s docks with colossal monuments such as the Victoria Mill and the Grimsby Dock Tower. It’s sobering to consider how many men have died on fishing expeditions from this port. Thirty-two ships based in Grimsby were lost during …

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remote island FoulaScotland

Exploring Britain’s Most Northerly Place – The Shetland Islands

Despite being part of the UK, when arriving in Shetland, you’re instantly reminded that the island’s history is rooted in Norse culture. The capital town Lerwick lies closer to Bergen, Norway than it does to Edinburgh. There are Viking influences all over the islands, from the place names to the festivals. The whole of Shetland has been designated a UNESCO …

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