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Britain’s Top 100 Outstanding Lighthouses

The coastline of the United Kingdom is one of the country’s most prominent features, having contributed greatly to British heritage and culture. The UK’s maritime exploits in past centuries have been significant in regards to trade, transport and war, and lighthouses together with their keepers have played a critical role in ensuring the safety of ships throughout. There are more

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Dover to Dundee: A coastal tour of British culture

Top coastal museums and galleries Historic Dockyard Chatham Chatham – Kent – England Based in the charming ex-military town of Chatham, Kent, this 18th-century dockyard museum is still home to many historic Royal Navy warships. Whilst the ships are no longer in use they remain a powerful symbol of when Britannia ruled the waves and places like Chatham docks played

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Did you know – 100 Interesting Facts about the British Coast

How well do you know the British coast? Below you can find 100 informative and interesting facts to test your knowledge about the British coastline and learn about it. Hadrian’s Wall was 73 miles long One of the UK’s most famous landmarks, Hadrian’s Wall stretched almost from coast to coast when it was finished, marking the northern frontier of the

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The Islands of Britain – Where they are and Why they are Interesting

Although Great Britain is a large island, there are thousands of significantly smaller islands that are located away from the country’s coastline – some of these are rather close to the shoreline, whereas others are tens (and even hundreds) of kilometres away. This article covers the largest of these islands, including both individual isles and archipelagos. Many of these islands

Green Coast Award Beach and a Castle Nearby

Freshwater East is a village that is just three miles from Pembroke and is situated on a cliff overlooking the sheltered bay and out to sea.  The well-known tourist town of Tenby is about nine miles to the east.  The sandy beach is protected from the west by Trewent Point, a headland that is a Site of Special Scientific Interest


Porthdinllaen is a village on the Llyn Peninsula in Gwynedd and is approximately 20 miles to the west of Portmerion. The Llyn Peninsula is one of the most remote and unspoilt stretches of coastline in Wales and Porthdinllaen is a small settlement on the right-hand side of the Peninsula that is incredibly beautiful and tranquil.  It’s an old fishing village

Mumbles, lighthouse


The village of Mumbles is named after the headland of the same name, and it is now part of the urban sprawl of Swansea that still retains its village atmosphere. The archaeological interest in the area is vast; there is evidence of now submerged ancient forests; there are bones of bears, wolves, rhinoceros, mammoth and more discovered there.  The bones

Queens of the Marsh – Marloes Peninsula

Fresh Coastal Walks Tucked away on the western edge of Pembrokeshire, Marloes Peninsula is a fantastic place to bring out the inner explorer in anyone. The peninsular is most famous for the beach known as Marloes Sands – which at low tide represents a huge area of sand that is recognised as one of the best beaches in the United

Porthgain – An Industrial Heritage in such a Pretty Place

Porthgain is a few miles north of St David’s, and 12 miles from Fishguard within the Pembrokeshire Coastal National Park’s Conservation Area.  The village grew out of the necessity of its industrial heritage. The machine house of the adjacent brickworks is now a trendy wine bar and the pub The Sloop Inn is reputed to have once been a smugglers

The Sands of Talacre – Point of Ayr

The Dee Estuary Perched on the most northerly tip of Wales, the Point of Ayr is situated at the mouth of one of the most important estuaries for wildlife in the whole of Britain – the Dee Estuary. While at first glance the area might seem to be a barren swathe of mud, it is actually rich in life and

The River Conwy – One Giant Leap for Fishkind

Sourced in Snowdonia The River Conwy is born in a large expanse of moorland in central Snowdonia, where it gradually builds into a river fed by the hills and bogs of Wales’ oldest national park. The river flows for just over 25 miles, broadening into an estuary south of Conwy and eventually ending its journey at the Irish Sea. While

The Gower Peninsula – The Original Beauty Spot

Enviable Beaches Many regions of the UK’s coast can claim to have scenic views, but one place in Wales boasts the title of being the first to be officially recognised for its beauty. The Gower Peninsula in south-west Wales sits adjacent to the coastal city of Swansea and covers about 70 square miles in total. It was designated as an

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Dover to Dundee: A coastal tour of British culture

Top coastal museums and galleries Historic Dockyard Chatham Chatham - Kent - England Based in the charming ex-military town of …

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