The Rhins of Galloway, Luce Bay and the Solway Firth – Stranraer to Gretna Green

This coastal section stretches from the port town of Gretna, around the ear-shaped Rhins peninsula, and along the rest of the south-west Scottish coast, towards the England/Scotland border at the village of Gretna. Many wide bays and tidal inlets are located along the coast here, which is rather rural and wild, typically consisting of outstanding natural beauty. Although long sandy …

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Rocky Mountains, Large Fjords and Rugged Islands – Cape Wrath to the Kyle of Lochalsh

Bordering the Northwest Scottish Highlands – the mountain range between Glen More in the south and the Loch Eriboll region in the north – this is arguably one of the most extreme coastal landscapes in Scotland, let alone the British Isles. With high cliffs, steep mountain slopes rising from the shoreline, numerous coastal lochs and peninsulas, this coastal landscape is …

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Suffolk Coast – flat, vast Skies, endless beaches

The Suffolk coastline stretches along the eastern coast of England between the small town of Cattawade and the port town of Lowestoft. Bordering the North Sea, the coast is characterised by its rather beautiful and tranquil nature, with only a few coastal towns being separated by many miles of marshland, woodland and lovely beaches. There are also a couple of …

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North BerwickScotland

The North Sea Coast and The Firth of Forth Estuary – The England/Scotland Border to Kincardine and Alloa

Stretching from the England/Scotland border to the head of the Firth of Forth estuary, this section of coastline stretches around the rugged North Sea coastline, passing rocky cliffs, quiet bays and seaside towns. It also runs alongside the bustling Port of Leith, and makes up the border of the southern side of the Firth of Forth estuary. England/Scotland Border to …

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lands end cornwallEngland

The Rugged Coastline of Cornwall

The Cornwall coastline is one which is very enigmatic of the British landscape. At over 650km (400 miles) long [1], it is characterised by rugged cliffs, scenic coves and the occasional picturesque seaside town or village. The county of Cornwall consists, almost solely, of a peninsula stretching out from south-west England into the Atlantic Ocean. Unlike many coastal counties in …

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robin-hoods-bay, yorkshireEngland

Towering Cliffs, Quaint Villages and Ancient Fossils – The North Yorkshire Coastline

The coastline that borders the county of North Yorkshire is rather renowned in Great Britain, particularly for to its impressive scenery. It is characterised by towering cliffs around wide open bays, as well as picturesque and tranquil seaside towns and villages. Stretching from Filey in the south to Redcar in the north, the majority of this coastline also forms the …

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Sandy Bays, Fishing Ports & Rural Tranquillity – The Buddon Ness to Peterhead Coastline

Buddon Ness to Aberdeen Bordering the North Sea along the Scottish counties of Angus and southern Aberdeenshire, this coastal section consists of a rocky shore interspersed by occasional bays and several seaside towns. With a low population between Dundee and Aberdeen, the landscape has a rather rural and wild feel to it, with arable fields, deciduous woodland, and pockets of …

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Brighton, The Seven Sisters and 1066 Country – The East Sussex Coastline

Brighton, Eastbourne and Hastings This section of south England coastline stretches from Brighton through to the seaside village of Camber. It includes seaside resorts such as Brighton, Eastbourne and Hastings, as well as the iconic sections of the British coastline, including the Seven Sisters Cliffs and historical ‘1066 Country’. This coastline borders the English Channel, and is very popular with …

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Swansea bay, Gower, WalesWales

Tranquil Beaches, Rugged Cliffs and Vast Bays – Swansea, The Gower and Carmarthenshire

This article covers a stretch of coastline in South Wales, starting at the River Neath just to the east of the port town of Swansea, and carrying on around the Gower peninsula and Carmarthenshire coastline to Telpyn Beach. This is a rather beautiful stretch of coastline, with some quite wild sections in places. The large port town of Swansea sits …

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